Blogging Strategies?

A Dog's Life ... and mine ... and yours!

I have always been a detail kind of person, which probably goes back to trainspotting, and “doing” loco sheds on Sundays hoping to see some of the more elusive locomotives! Seeing every locomotive of a particular class was the ultimate goal!

My first full-time job was in a diesel engine mass production environment in purchasing. One had to consider sales orders and manufacturing capacity data, and then order parts and materials such that minimal inventory is carried, and yet production is never halted.

From there I went into a heavy engineering company and my particular area, again in purchasing, was buying parts and materials for steam turbines (for ships), and various machinery for the textile industry.

In Canada, I worked in purchasing for local government where things were very different. Because it was public money (tax dollars) being spent, everything not only had to be seen to be efficient and…

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