Mexico must approach China to become independent of US, History scholar says

Olhares do Mundo

Specialist in US-Mexico Borderlands History and Associate Professor at University of Texas, Miguel Antonio Levario believes that Mexico should replace the United States with China, Latin America, and Europe as top trading partners.

Caroline Canashiro, Adriana Kim e Aline Nascimento

Author of “Militarizing the Border: When Mexicans Became the Enemy”, professor Miguel Antonio Levario says that any negative impact of Trump’s  measures against its neighbor trading partner would only prompt Mexican nationals to migrate to the United States legally and illegally as they will be escaping a significant economic depression. Dr. Levario share his views on the current US-Mexican tense relatios in an exclusive interview with “Olhares do Mundo”:

How can the new US presidency affect Mexico economically?

There are a number of ways by which this current U.S. presidency can affect Mexico economically.  First, it starts with diplomacy. Positive and bilateral diplomatic relations are the foundation for equally beneficial economic…

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