Singapore is Growing… In Size

Needull in a haystack

Thanks to ever-improving land reclamation technologies, Singapore has increased its land mass by 22% since the city-state’s independence in 1965 and plans to add another 8% to it by 2030. So, basically by 2030, close to one-fourth of Singaporean land would have been ‘created’. Today’s Needull is a detailed and engaging story about how Singapore is unveiling the oceans to achieve this amazing feat.

In the Tolstoy short story “How Much Land Does a Man Need?” a peasant muses in frustration: “Our only trouble is that we haven’t land enough. If I had plenty of land, I shouldn’t fear the Devil himself.”

Similar thoughts must have struck Lee Kuan Yew, who cast Singapore in his vision. Through his three decades as prime minister, Lee saw his country as locked in a struggle against its size. Singapore was a tiny nation, and dire fates awaited tiny nations that could not take care of…

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