Temer compra votos. Isso não é corrupção? | Brasil 24/7

A “degola” de cargos e verbas destinadas a deputados que votaram contra a reforma trabalhista escancara a compra de votos promovidos por Michel Temer, avalia o colunista Alex Solnik; “Temer está usando cargos que são do estado para comprar votos para o seu governo. Em que isso é diferente de um candidato que paga pelos votos que irá receber na urna?”, escreve; “Se faltava algum ato inerente à sua gestão para justificar o impeachment de Temer aí está um. E as provas são abundantes”

Fonte: Temer compra votos. Isso não é corrupção? | Brasil 24/7

A Hairy Story!

A Dog's Life ... and mine ... and yours!

I was a teenager in the early 1960’s and long hair was a very natural style to have at that time. Many of you may recall from an earlier Post that, after complying with corporate image expectations for around 40 years, I had decided to take advantage of retirement and once again grow it!  It was going quite well until earlier this past week!

Long hair has some inherent control issues which need to be addressed (not news to you ladies!), and I never liked the ponytail look on guys. Sweatbands do control the hair and are appropriate in some situations, but my desire (and comfort level) was with giving my hair the freedom to do whatever it wanted to do… and therein was the problem!

My hair strands are quite fine, and the aging process was certainly thinning them out on a regular basis, both of which culminated in…

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