A Son’s Faith in His Father…….

Boundless Blessings by Kamal


In the country of Armenia, in 1986, Sami and Daisy sent their young son, Arnold, off to school. Sami squatted before his son and looked him in the eye. ‘Have a good day at school and remember, no matter what, I’ll always be there for you.’ They hugged each other and the boy ran off to school.

Hours later, a powerful earthquake rocked the area. In the midst of the pandemonium, Sami and Daisy tried to discover what happened to their son but they could not get any information. The radio announced that there were thousands of casualties. Sami then grabbed his coat and headed for the schoolyard.   When he reached the area, what he saw brought tears to his eyes. Arnold’s school was a pile of debris. Other parents were standing around crying. Sami found the place where Arnold’s classroom used to be and began pulling a broken…

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