“I” is the Hero of “Me”.🌸


Believe me or not, everyone of us is waiting for a miracle. Each of us is looking for less a life and more a fairy tale because we heard they exist.

They exist!

But the only way is to create it by your own.

If you are broken and you will wait for someone to recollect all the pieces and reshape you, it’s not going to happen then.

No matter who we are and what we will become tomorrow, we’ll keep on chasing someone to save us.

We want someone to appreciate us, Why?

Why don’t we look into the mirror and tell our own self where we go wrong.

Why don’t we laugh hard alone when we achieve something.

Why we need a second opinion in our decisions.

Baby, There’s no love greater than self love and the self love makes you beautiful.

Only you can decide what’s your…

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