Ray… Friend or…?

A Dog's Life ... and mine ... and yours!

Ray is a really interesting character in many ways. He originally had a strong distrust of everybody, and went through a lunge and bark routine to make them go away. Having been on the receiving end of that display of “unrest”, I can attest to its efficiency!

He has clearly come a long way since then, and is generally “Mr Sociable” when we are out. Even people who show no interest in him often get some friendly attention. He has been known to nudge pockets of strangers with his nose, just as he has been known to thrust his face into some unsuspecting lady’s handbag! The common denominator is probably a strong scent of something potentially edible in there!

One of his problems, and one which he can do little about, are his looks! People know he is a German Shepherd… and yet? It is his soft face lines and…

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