Happy Birthday, Milly

A Teacher's Reflections

We wished Milly a Happy Birthday this week, as she turns 87-years-young.


Since 2009, Milly has been connecting generations with my preschoolers.  I get to stand back and watch love and happiness ignite into hugs and smiles, from both the children and Milly.  She plays Bingo and Go Fish, sings and reads stories.  Children like her walker and like to watch her sew.  A needle and thread weaving in and out of fabric is fascinating.  It’s quite remarkable and very genuine.

When Milly began her visits to my classroom, I had looked far and wide for a master quilter.  Children were bursting with ideas about peace- not the typical ideas, their ideas.  Why not turn those into a quilt? We did!  It is even my blog photo.  Since then, Milly has made other quilts with the children, and is finishing one that has been two years in the making.

The incredible journey of her…

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