Achieving dreams/goals.

A Dog's Life ... and mine ... and yours!

Goal setting (identifying a dream) is generally not a difficult thing to do for most people, but realizing the goal often fails. This is commonly because while most of us can come up with some ideas as to what we want to do, so many of us will not clearly identify them.

The flaw is quite simple. If you cannot clearly identify your goal, then how will you know if/when it is achieved? Typical vague goals are:

“I am going to start running” – What does start running mean? A jog around the block? Complete a 5km race? Running a marathon?

“I want to lose some weight” – How much? Over what period of time?

“I want to travel” – Where to? Multiple destinations? When?

“I want to be successful” – What is success  to you?

Goal setting can be used very successfully as a motivation tool to achieve pretty…

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