Indiciamento da Zelotes contra Lula e ex-ministros do PT alarma por acusação sem provas | GGN

[Indiciamento da Zelotes contra Lula e ex-ministros do PT alarma por acusação sem provas | GGN] é bom. Dê uma olhada!

The First Bombs in Damascus

John Wreford Photographer

I never bought vegetables from his shop, I’d pass by several times a day and would always say hello, always promising myself to buy something from him one day, I never did, there were lots of similar shops and some even closer to my house. Did he mind I often wondered?

Those first days of the war in Damascus were the scariest, we knew it was coming, sometimes we were anxious, other times it seemed it could never happen on such a beautiful day, then almost overnight it arrived, all the shops closed and the streets emptied, gunfire filled the night sky and small mortar bombs landed in the narrow streets around my house, nobody came to collect the rubbish.

The shock and adjustment took a few days to sink in, the kids came out and collected the rubbish, shops were re-stocked and open again, life slowly emerged from behind…

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secret power

Poetry of Brokenness and Beauty

we each have a secret power
for many it may lie dormant and untouched
their whole life
yet still it lies there
a gift given by
some wondrous intelligence
the same intelligence that
arranges our arrival and departure
to this world

this secret power
could change everything
in a moment
if we all unleashed it
yet it has no weapons
and no money
but still
it is the most powerful force we know

and may well be the stuff of the universe

yet we ignore it,
make it small
own it,
kill for it
bargain with it
and hide from it

this, surely, is man’s travesty
that he is blessed with the power of love
a power so great it creates the universe 
yet he cannot and will not access it
and stumbles around in his smallness
wondering why he feels so very empty.

****Important Announcement – I have started a new…

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Guest Blog: The Importance of Teaching Modern Poetry

Interesting Literature

In this guest blog post, Neil Bowen, Head of English at Wells Cathedral School in the UK, ponders the role of modern poetry in education

During my degree course, 25 years ago, the gamut of English Literature ran all the way back to Anglo-Saxon texts, such as Beowulf, and all the way up to about 1950. Literature, it appeared, stopped someplace shortly after WWII. About the most modern poets we studied were T. S. Eliot, W. H. Auden and perhaps a little Larkin.

During my teaching career many A-level exam specifications have featured post 1950 literary texts, especially modern novels and to a lesser extent plays. Occasionally one of the big hitters from the world of poetry sneaks on to a specification, a Heaney, or a Hughes or perhaps some Plath. But it is only recently, as far as I am aware, that exam boards have started to include…

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Todo largo, digo cargo… (5)

El Destrio

Los dis pequeños aliens se acercaron con sigilo al círculo que formaban los cinco o seis flipados y, tras reunir todo el valor disponible, se plantaron en el centro de aquel corrillo humeante y empezaron a hablarles con nerviosismo.

-¡Hola gammasolariamos! Venimos en son de paz – dijo Atar23 al tiempo que alzaba su garra derecha separando los dedos medio y anular-. No vamos a haceros daño pero…

-¡Nos han robado nuestra nave! – le interrumpió Notar443 temiendo que se pusiera a divagar- Queremos saber dónde puede estar. ¿Podéis ayudarnos? ¿Entendéis lo que os digo?

Los fumetas les miraron asombrados y uno de ellos les señaló con su dedo de gigante.

-¡Flipa colega! ¡Si son Chip y Chop!

-¡Que pasaaada! ¿Donde decías que habías pillado este costo? ¡Es la caña despaña!

-Los veo, tron, los veo, ¡y hablan y todo!

-¿No te lo decía yo? Tanto hablar de Walt Disney…

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