Who Will Save The Internet?

In Saner Thought

Gee while everyone is laser focused on the Trump thing there was something more important that rhetoric of the day….but few seem to notice…..they were too busy calling anyone that does not agree with them all the insulting garbage they could throw.

Thanx to Trump and his minions we may be losing our internet neutrality….if that is the case who will save us and our internet…..

Tomorrow, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) will vote to initiate a process to repeal the strong net neutrality rules that have been in place since 2015.

These rules protect the internet as an open, decentralized, and level playing field, free from content discrimination. They ensure that you—not your internet service provider (usually your cable or phone company)—control what you can access online.

Source: An open letter to everyone who uses the internet | TechCrunch

Again who will save our internet?

Three years ago, as…

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