fourth generation farmgirl

Startled, I sat up in bed.  “Scott–did you hear that?  I just heard glass breaking,” I whispered.  My heart was pounding uncontrollably.  Living in a 227-year-old house, I’m well-accustomed to the quirky noises that it makes, but this was different.

     “You were dreaming.  It’s nothing,” he assured me.

     “I was not dreaming,” I hissed.  I heard glass breaking….I’m sure of it!”

     “It’s probably nothing,” he said dismissively.

     Scott wasn’t taking this seriously, probably because he hadn’t heard the noise.  But, I was totally panicked. Let me just say, the frontal lobe of my brain, you know–the area where rational thought and logic live…..well, mine had completely. shut. down.  I was now guided by the oldest part of the brain, sometimes referred to as the reptilian brain…you know—the one in charge of fight or flight.  I stated again, in as serious of a…

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