When My Children Come Home


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Today, the children will start arriving at the rabbit patch.  It feels like Christmas Eve, but it looks like May.  The sun is not yet over the barn, but already Christian and I have loaded a pick up truck with things like old lamps and broken chairs.  He is on the way now, to dispose of them at a landfill, twenty minutes from here.  I got at least two acres mowed after work, yesterday-so there is that to finish, and linens to wash.  

The refrigerator is bumping full of things for the picnic on Monday-so is the top of the freezer.  There are many tasks at hand, besides the mowing, but today, I feel propelled to accomplish them . . .because the children will be gathered around the same table, once again.

There are five of them.  I have four sons, one daughter and one grandchild, Lyla.  All of…

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