we dream we are young | Sunday Brunch Tuesday | gary lundy

Meta/ Phor(e) /Play

they roam unobserved through an abandoned building.

gary lundy

smoke a dance step or maybe conjoined ideas to defend definition. talk ourself into relapsing them.

a flood of emotional baggage. worry less about appropriate behavior. two or more bodies in heat embrace. or instinct covers all but dining room falls into coma spliced into out of tune orchestral.

within a pattern set up to illustrate directionality. cross against the light between buick and toyota look alikes. a ladybug hat pin. itself a sign of good luck to follow.

the kind they travel everywhere to find. charged in reflective glass as if in introductory gestures. none of them pay attention unless someone is playing guitar.

might they miss us when the wind chimes sing. probably fester a sore warning beware. save for the aged face it could be them. lap up the words a drink of cool pure presence.

unobserved an…

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