“Birth Ritual” | Field notes from the Pacific coast

Bill Pearse

When Chris Cornell died it was the same as with Johnny Cash. I woke to my 6 AM radio program and they were playing a Soundgarden song, then a second one (which was strange), and by the third one I knew he was dead. And it was the same as Johnny Cash, I thought there’d be some renewed appreciation for him. I was cynical about that before: I was working at the Starbucks corporate office when they started selling CDs and ran into the president in the hallway that morning when Cash died, and we made small talk (Starbucks had just started selling a Johnny Cash CD that week), and then his eyes lit up and he ran off saying he had to talk to someone in Supply Chain. I thought that would happen with Chris Cornell, that right now someone (or many) were trying to get film rights. But…

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