Janot denuncia Aécio, líder do golpe, por corrupção e obstrução judicial | Brasil 24/7

O senador afastado Aécio Neves (PSDB-MG), responsável pelo golpe que arruinou a economia e a imagem do Brasil, acaba de ser denunciado pelo procurador-geral da República, por corrupção e obstrução judicial; de acordo com as delações da JBS, Aécio recebeu propinas de R$ 2 milhões, em troca de benefícios no governo de Michel Temer; denúncia fortalece pedido de prisão que poderá ser julgado já na próxima semana; a irmã de Aécio, Andrea Neves, o primo Frederico Pacheco e o advogado Mendherson Souza Lima também foram denunciados, mas apenas por corrupção passiva

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ALL OF BACH veröffentlicht das Orgelwerk – BWV 730 “Liebster Jesu, wir sind hier” — Volkers Klassikseiten J.S. Bach

ALL OF BACH veröffentlicht das Orgelwerk – BWV 730 “Liebster Jesu, wir sind hier” Einfache Feierlichkeit ! Eine tiefe Sehnsucht verläuft in einem raschen Tempo zur Erfüllung. Einfachheit kann manchmal trügerisch sein. Die Melodie, die Bach arrangiert, begleitet ein bescheidenes, nach innen gerichtetes Gebet von Tobias Clausnitzer. Die Hymne besteht aus nur zwei kurzen […]

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This is the day when birds come back… — The Consecrated Eminence

The art handlers just delivered this crate filled with Emily Dickinson manuscripts and books and ephemera. This crate is filled with several smaller boxes, all wrapped in plastic and safe in their particle board and Styrofoam chambers. After the years of work that went into mounting the Emily Dickinson exhibition at the Morgan Library in New […]

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Mother Earth

Scribbled Verse

Mother Earth weeps, her cries silenced, by the clinking of champagne flutes, as yet again, men myopic with greed carve out plans to plunder her more.

how much more shall you take, she moans, while men with noxious lust whoop with joy, their greed tainted with blinkers, knowingly stripping her further, in a blinded frenzy of self-serving savagery.

Mother Earth is ill, diseased by the ceaseless pillaging, by us, her children, siphoning more and more, till heaven knows when, she shall be hollow to the core.

are we so blinded, are we so callous, are we so lost in our glazed orgy, to hack away her dignity, her bounteous nurturing spirit, her selfless giving of herself, to let her children, us all, to eat, to be healthy, to live, to breathe in the freshest air and to bathe in the most pristine rivulets, flowing through her very veins and arteries…

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Finding Myself S01E03


It’s another Friday Night and I am all pumped and psyched thinking of what to wear to the club, the girls that will be at the club and all the other extra curricula activities, lool😆
Hol’ up! Hol’ up!! before we all get too carried away by my wild imaginations. Even I, am not that cool to ball every other weekend or any other weekend at that. I was just another regular teenage boy on the streets of University of Lagos, Akoka.

University of Lagos has a funny way of choosing the kind of Friends, Lifestyle and Orientation for its newly admitted students, with its Hostel Allocation system. I was a young and innocent teenage boy going into the University for the first time not really knowing what to expect but hoping to phase through like I always do “ability to conquer anything I am faced with and all thatB.S”

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A Ride to Megamalai Highwavys Mountain Ranges.


Megamalai – ‘The High Wavys Mountain Ranges’


Megamalai also known as “Paccha Kumachi” in Tamil,means ‘Green Peaks’ is knownfor the cool and misty High wavy mountain ranges. Megamalai is situated in the Western Ghats in Theni district, Tamil Naduat an elevation of 1,500 m above sea level.This is the one of thevery fewunexploredverdantHill Stations in South India. As you get closer to Megamalai, the waves like formation of the ‘High wavys’ mountain ranges and therefreshing denselush green hills with tea plantations will start creating a visual splendor to any Nemophilists.

Meghamalai02Most of the 6000acres of tea plantation in megamalai is owned by the private tea planters that includes The Highwavys Estates owned by The Woodbriar Group, Ananda Plantations, Ponsiva Plantations and Feildmede Estate. It’s sohard to spot any restaurants orhotels once you enter the top hills of megamalai, other than private owned cottages like the one maintained by Woodbriar Groups…

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