Finding Myself S01E03


It’s another Friday Night and I am all pumped and psyched thinking of what to wear to the club, the girls that will be at the club and all the other extra curricula activities, lool😆
Hol’ up! Hol’ up!! before we all get too carried away by my wild imaginations. Even I, am not that cool to ball every other weekend or any other weekend at that. I was just another regular teenage boy on the streets of University of Lagos, Akoka.

University of Lagos has a funny way of choosing the kind of Friends, Lifestyle and Orientation for its newly admitted students, with its Hostel Allocation system. I was a young and innocent teenage boy going into the University for the first time not really knowing what to expect but hoping to phase through like I always do “ability to conquer anything I am faced with and all thatB.S”

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