One For Love….

Quill & Parchment

You entered into my life; you took my Pain
You drenched me in love, in caring Rain
You made me laugh; you made me Smile,
And we fought too, but it was Worthwhile
My days and my nights were spent in your Zone
You are my strength, my courage and Backbone
Filling my life with the colours of Joy
Making sure I shed no tears, never Cry
We went through hell; we faced tough Phase
I know it was my fault, I was lost in a Maze
You took me back in your loving Embrace
You are my salvation, my saving Grace
But your heart is big, and words are Less
You dealt with me, and you took my Mess
Your soul is pure, and your heart is Kind
You healed my wounds; you calmed my Mind
Now we have moved from love to next Stage
The book of love…

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