The Accidental Get Away Driver

Needull in a haystack


This is the story of a man who gets drawn into a dangerous crime and what happens to him. A good long read.

Over the past couple of days, Duong had seemed to take an interest in Ma’s well-being. But Ma was leery, all too aware that it was Duong who had been the first to point the gun at him. For all Ma knew, Duong was playing an angle the other inmates didn’t see. As always in the States, the hardest people for Ma to read were his fellow Vietnamese.

He had felt wronged by them so often in his life. When Ma had landed in California in 1992, with a wife and four kids, he’d struggled. The war and his time in the labor camp had placed him nearly two decades behind the first wave of immigrants who’d left Vietnam for the U.S. after the war. For years…

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