I Used to See Fireworks…

Cyranny's cove


When we were together
words were not enough
not to suffice, the expressions
the power of our being
the waning of time,

Her eyes glowed, reflecting
the fireworks colors
the burst of emotions
lighting up her night skies
fading to black
when she turned away
from me

She used to tell me
together, would we never be
the bursting of colors
the streamers of light,
reflected our time together

Her magnesium passion
burning brighter than I could see
the afterglow of her fading smile
told me that our time, finite was

The sound of the explosions
fading in the background
the sound of the car engine
echoing her departure

I used to see fireworks
the colors burning brightly
lighting up our faces, our smiles
the time we spent together
our silhouettes, emblazoned against the wall
the act of making love, fading

Our love growing colder
brief as the time…

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