In the Beginning

Words Are Never Hushed

I begged for mercy from the moon
and it gave me the stars to wish upon.
Now I turn to him…the keeper of rhymes and reason.
Humbled, I stand within your flower garden…
please grant me the gift to open the gate.
Oh how my chaste heart pounds against my chest…
here in this room for love and lovers.
All can see the shades of my passion,
the indigo haze that shields my wrecked demeanor.
I beg to be in the presence of my beloved…
to see only his face…to taste the words from his lips.
From the beginning I have sensed his presence.
I desire this one gesture, transform me to be his joy,
I beg for this…for love has given me no choice.
It is still early in the dawn of my existence,
let my soul sip the wine of his treasured cup…
all else has become a…

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