Finding my Childhood in an Antique Store!

The Page Turner

This weekend was the Beer Cheese Festival in Winchester Kentucky.  If you are like me, until I moved here six years ago, I had never heard of beer cheese.  After I moved here I wasn’t game to try it for several years. Then I found a garlic beer cheese and I broke down and gave it a try. It was great with salty crackers. So each year we go down to the main street and walk up and down the historic district wandering in and out of antique shops, boutiques, and gift stores.

We had wandered into a little shop really close to the courthouse and that’s when history started calling to me.  There on the top shelf was a doll house I had when I was a child. Complete with designed nursery walls, wallpapered kitchen, built in fireplace, and the wobbly tin frame. Want to see what I am talking…

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