What’s the ‘Proper Time’?

Rationalising The Universe

Today’s post revisits one of my favourite themes in Theoretical Physics – time. In previous posts we’ve looked at the idea of the present and how the theory of Special Relativity refutes its absolute existence – and we’ll be drawing on this idea again here. Today I want to discuss the idea of ‘proper time’ and tell you what it is, alongside a deeper explanation of the geometry  of spacetime.

Back in the day it was believed by many, including the great Newton who put together the three laws of motion, that time was absolute. This meant that wherever you went in the universe, a clock at one end of the cosmos would be ticking in synchronisation with one at the other. As though, there was a universal time, running on an almighty clock in the sky and all other clocks in the cosmos would adhere to its pace…

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Melinda J. Irvine

There is alway a little bit of comedy to be had in a large block of ice being strapped to a tricycle or rickshaw or tethered by a narrow rope. Particularly when these huge ice blocks aren’t hand carved from the surreal mountain lakes of Disney’s Arendelle but man-handled by real people (poor people) in the tropical Philippines.

The little piece of ice-on-a-rope this morning was headed into the Estancia market, and I wouldn’t like to describe what might have wandered and excreted onto the pathway where that ice was headed. Like the travel website says “avoid ice cubes“.

Sometimes it’s really stressful living here in Estancia but my days are often relieved by these little  moments.

© 2017 Melinda J. Irvine

group of men handling large block ice These blocks of ice at the Provincial Capital were looking a little worse-for-wear in middle of the…

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April Coady Poetry

My soul found you and said, “you’re the one”
you are all I want
we are one
I get lost in your blue eyes
it was always you
I will tell you every day that you’re my world
let me be your love song
every time I’m with you, I fall deeper
in love

Challenge: Write a series of 10 poems going from 1 to 10 words in each poem. Reorder.

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Pernas de frango enroladas em bacon

Caçarola ao Lume

Mais uma receita da Continente Magazine que decidi experimentar. A receita sugere 20 minutos no forno, mas é preciso mais. Foram bem precisos 30 minutos para as pernas de frango ficarem no ponto.

Além das pernas de frango, aproveitei uns bifes de peru que tinham sobrado e fiz uns enroladinhos com o bacon. Em vez de tomilho fresco, usei o de frasco, pois era o que tinha em casa.

Aqui fica a receita original:

Ingredientes (4 pessoas):

8 pernas de frango

Molho barbecue q.b.

Alho em pó q.b.

16 fatias de bacon

Azeite q.b.

1/4 chávena de vinho branco

Tomilho q.b.


Envolva as pernas de frango no molho barbecue com a ajuda das mãos. Tempere-as depois com alho em pó e enrole-as no bacon.

Disponha o frango num tabuleiro e regue-o com um pouco de azeite.

Leve ao forno a 180º C durante 20 minutos, regando-o com o vinho…

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Deixe Crescer


“De tanto te querer,
guardei esse desejo.
Sua imagem no pensar,
louco por seu beijo.
Eu, sonhando;
E você, em algum lugar.
Não sei se sabes,
nem se irá saber.

De tanto te querer,
ofusquei meu olhar.
Mãos querendo te tocar,
e, em meu abraço, te guardar.
Eu, desejando;
E você, sem me conhecer.
Não sei se queres,
nem se irá querer.

De tanto te querer,
te eternizo em poemas.
Sonhos, talvez platônicos,
onde tu serás o tema.
Eu, em segredo, amando;
E você, sem nada a me dizer.
Não sei se me esperas,
ou nada irá acontecer.”

(Mael Júlia)

Imagem: Jornal Ciência

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Are We Inching Toward All Out War?

In Saner Thought

When Russia sent in aircraft to help the Syrians fight against the rebels…..I wrote then that this was leading to a big mistake that could take the US and Russia into a confrontation……

Well the worse case scenario just happened…..

The US military shot down a Syrian Air Force fighter jet Sunday that bombed local forces aligned with the Americans in the fight against ISIS militants, an action that appeared to mark a new escalation of the conflict. The US had not shot down a Syrian regime aircraft before Sunday’s confrontation, said Navy Capt. Jeff Davis, a Pentagon spokesman. While the US has said since it began recruiting, training, and advising what it calls moderate Syrian opposition forces to fight ISIS that it would protect them from potential Syrian government retribution, this was the first time it resorted to engaging in air-to-air combat to make good on that promise, the

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