Ground beef, tomato, potato & bell pepper casserole

Recipes by chefkreso

I can feel the summer in the air, the hot nights when you just can’t get any sleep, the days when you’d rather be inside the house with the AC turned on. We in Croatia spend our summers at the seaside, where most of us have our vacation homes. For the last five or six years I’ve been going to this beautiful small island of Vir. A place where you can count the people with your hand during the winter, and also a place where you can’t find a spot at the beach during the summer. It’s an island with so many hidden gems under the clear blue sky, surrounded with crystal clear sea.


Nothing is better than having a bike to explore the island and all of its natural beauty. Since it’s not a large island anyone can do so, and you won’t be disappointed. Last summer me and my…

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