The Entitled Generation

Rogue Millennials

“Casual dining is in danger – and Millennials are to blame,” started the AOL article. The outlandish header is what grabbed my attention: “Millennials are killing chains like Buffalo Wild Wings and Applebee’s.”

Every day there’s more of the same. CNN predicts 25% of malls will close in 5 years. Doom and gloom titles abound: “Retailers closing at a staggering rate.” Credit Suisse predicts over 8,600 retail stores will close by the end of 2017. Professor John Clapp warns, “This is a death spiral.”


And credit for all this wanton destruction goes to? Drum roll, please…


The average Millennial.

We, the Millennial Generation, will single-handedly destroy the entire world economy by not buying the crap they’ve grown accustomed to peddling.

Yeah, sounded a bit melodramatic to me, too.

Here’s the irony. No customer is obligated to buy what you sell. Maybe you have a terrible sales pitch, maybe…

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