Is It Logical To Forgive?


My girlfriend once confessed that she found it hard to forgive anyone for having wronged her. She thought this was because she just could not forget wrongs. It begged the question, is it logical to forgive or is it a divine act as is that proverbial saying?

Well, generally, the path of least resistance or what comes easier and more natural to us is to do wrong. It seems like it requires less energy to lie than to be speak truth. It is funnier to trespass or be disobedient. The appeal is very cunning and inexorable, even for the best of us, in at least one or two aspects.

A remedy of life, I have learnt, is to make be painstaking in watching other people’s toes and yet make allowances, nonetheless, for another’s shortcomings, not pretending as if doing wrong is difficult or aberrant. In this regard, maybe forgiveness is…

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