Two Questions About Trump and Republicans that Stump Progressives

George Lakoff

Progressives are stumped. They are asking these questions over and over again on social media, TV, and radio:

1) Why don’t Trump supporters turn against Trump even though he is doing things that hurt them? (like taking away their healthcare)

2) Why do Republicans hate the Affordable Care Act, and why are they so transparently acting to give wealthy people a tax break by making healthcare unaffordable?

Here is the short answer: All politics is moral. Supporting Trump – and gutting public healthcare resources in order to provide tax cuts for the wealthy – fits perfectly within the strict conservative moral worldview, which is hierarchical in nature. Voters don’t vote their self-interest. They vote their values.

The longer answer requires a deeper explanation.

Let’s start with the place where all ideas and questions originate – the brain.

Most thought (as much as 98% by some accounts) is unconscious. It…

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MANIFESTO BRASIL NAÇÃO: Assista entrevista coletiva de Bresser Pereira em Porto Alegre (Vídeo)

Luíz Müller Blog

“O Brasil perdeu a ideia de nação e está ficando para trás. Os brasileiros precisam reagir”, diz Bresser Pereira, economista, um dos intelectuais autores do MANIFESTO BRASIL NAÇÃO.

Vídeo Transmitido ao vivo pelo Facebook e disponibilizado agora para todos os leitores do Blog que não tiveram oportunidade assistir ao vivo. O Evento foi promovido por várias entidades e coordenado pelo Comitê em Defesa da Democracia,

o qual, com a adesão de todas as entidades e mais de 500 pessoas que estiveram no evento de lançamento do MANIFESTO BRASIL NAÇÃO, passa a ser o comitê responsável pela difusão do Manifesto em todo o RS, com realização de eventos regionais, municipais e até mesmo estaduais.

O 1º vídeo é o da Apresentação sucinta do MANIFESTO BRASIL NAÇÃO pelo próprio Bresser Pereira. No segundo, a entrevista coletiva com as perguntas de jornalistas e deste humilde blogueiro:

Reproduzo também Artigo do Marco Wessheimer no…

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A Rainbow for Moonbeam


It’s easy for me to be mad at a mother who isn’t around. But she is out there. I do have a mother and I always have. She’s always been a living, breathing human on the other end of my string, with a paper cup of her own, listening in as I send messages of love/hate/love/hate. It’s certainly not indifference that I offer. Not these days. And I am here to say: I do not hate her. I possibly never have.

Today, I am reaching within the well of myself to find compassion for my mother. I do not have to reach very far. Her face pops up on my computer screen at 10:33 a.m. “Happy to be back at work!” her digital post reads. My heart bulges. She tags me and fourteen other people, coworkers and my siblings. She is beaming. I cannot ignore it, nor do I want…

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Sheldon Kleeman


There was enough pain between us

One who’s life was crying,while one calling

Death,still a relationship worth having

I still to this day ask why,all I ever wanted

Was your approval,your words to say how

Proud,all I can remember was you lying

In bed smiling while I was in my tuxedo

Wishing you would say,you had stopped

Talking,all you could do was to smile,a piece

Of me died that day,I never meant to cause

You any pain,all I ever wanted was your

Love,but instead all we ever had was

Pain between us &

That one special

day when your

eyes tried to say love

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Carrying on

The Journey of My Left Foot (whilst remembering my son)

Saturday 1st July

I’ll never stop loving you

Even though you’re not here

And I can’t hear your voice

I know your spirit’s near.

Carrying on is hard to do

But many memories remain

I just make room for the grief

And learn to live with the pain

My darling Angel son


View from the front door, this morning

Walking down to the beach this afternoon

Breezy, but milder

Harbour boats at low tide

Yellow self-drive boats

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