In the Land of Israel

Diary of an Aesthete

Israel, that ancient and mysterious land, a name, a word so evocative, a place like no other, with the vast waters of the Mediterranean on one side, and a whole host of powerful Arab nations surrounding on all other sides, has been a strong and fascinating country for me to explore… and another key destination on my Global Pilgrimage.

Behold this new world, a land you always dreamed to explore but never imagined would so soon
become such a magnificent reality…

A melting pot for the world’s most influential faiths, a land of believers, the setting for some of history’s greatest and most terrible stories, legends, wars, and of course holy books like the Quran, Torah and the Bible. Israel is considered the Holy Land by all three of the major Abrahamic religions, being the place where God was said to have given life to Adam and Eve…

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A mixture of all the scattered colors is seen after sunset with the City “São Paulo” in the background.

Nilma Macedo Paulino - Photography

Maximum size: 4529 x 3456 px – 300 dpi – 6,57 MB

Be inspired by some pictures in the decoration of the walls.
They are perfect as art for your home, office, work, restaurant and so on. (Frame not included).

“Inspire-se com algumas fotos na decoração das paredes.
São perfeitos como arte para sua casa, escritório, trabalho, restaurante e assim por diante. (Moldura não incluída)”.

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New interpretation of Linear A tablet PE 1 (Petras), grain crops

Canadian Zen Haiku canadien ISSN 1705-4508

New interpretation of Linear A tablet PE 1 (Petras), grain crops:

In light of recent crucial discoveries I have made with respect to the cultivation of grain crops in the Bronze Age, particularly in Crete, I have revised my original decipherment of this tablet to read as follows:

Linear A tablet Petras PE 1 grainsAlthough it is uncertain whether or not the supersyllabogram PA refers to pa3qe (paiqe) or even if that word refers to the specific crops, millet or spelt, at least we do know the tablet is referencing grains throughout, because the ideogram for them appears twice, with the same supersyllabogram both times. It would appear that the 72 men are the sowers or harvesters. If that is the case, then ukare or asesina might mean sowing or harvesting”, more likely the latter than the former. The addition of these two new words raises the total number of…

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Also #amreading About Leonardo da Vinci and Dragons


DSCN0151 Found in the London Review Bookshop, May 2017

No matter how many times self promises never to buy another book, she always caves. This time, though, she successfully resisted buying anything from the London Review Bookshop, anything except for the above book, a publication of the Royal Collection Trust in London. Every page is a veritable feast for the eyes:

DSCN0152 The Frigate Pelican, by John James Audubon (The Birds of America, 1827 – 1838)

Among the sketches found in Leonardo da Vinci’s studio after his death were a series about dragons. In his mind, there was absolutely no question that the creatures existed:

  • Several kinds of dragon were thought to have possessed wings sprouting from the shoulders. Leonardo, as an experienced and extremely knowledgeable comparative anatomist, would have pondered the bodily mechanisms that such creatures must have possessed to operate such limbs. On a sheet of studies of a saint…

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FERIDOS E CEGOS * Wounded and blind

Poesias & Cia


Nascemos pela insistência,orquestrados para obediência.Crescemos no silêncio da teimosia,Iludidos por sobras e fantasias.Vivemos de finas maldades,rodeados pelos acertos da bondade.Esperamos frias vinganças,
cercados de afeto em abundância.

Aceitamos,  nem por isso amamos,Perdidos, porque amargos ficamos.Vencemos por não ter escolhas,Feridos e cegos a secar como as folhas.
Ana de Lourdes Teixeira - Julho/2017

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Now and then…

Cyranny's Cove

I remember, now…

What it was, that I
wanted to say, what
I meant to confide
what I was about to…
I remember, but now
it’s too late, to know,
too late to put together
the words, found too
late on the tip of my tongue.
I remember, but it doesn’t
matter, does it? If it did,
it seems I would know,
I guess if it did, matter,
I would have remembered then,
And not now…

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