Passengers/Spoiler Alert



I’d heard conflicting views from professional (and self-appointed) critics about the movie Passengers before I finally made time to form my own opinion. Although I read reviews prior to experiencing those intimate moments for myself, I never disregard my initial interest based on other people’s opinions.  How a film occurs for me is based on my own life experiences, good, bad or indifferent, and can never be duplicated by anyone else.


This film is an emotional journey through the fives stages of love, with a twist! I jumped on board as an unsuspecting passenger traveling without an agenda, and emerged blessed to experience an uncommon occurrence. I was eyewitness to the beauty of who and what we sometimes unwillingly become, once love grips our heart. I knew Passengers left its mark on my soul when I found myself deciding in a split moment, even before the character came to…

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