Venom In The Void

A Whistling Caravan

Holding the grip of branch

She tightened her claws
Drooping and flipping her wings

Parading some deep thoughts

She was in a state of flurry

“Between a rock and a hard place?” She went topsy-turvy

Flew down;landed over the earth
She knew this was hell not worth

Just like the wolves howling at the moon

Just like the daisies in the rain,manifesting their bloom

She gave an “upthrust”;now she went high
Her loud chirp ascertained “her love to fly”

“No I was wrong at the judgement” I am deceived by her lie

She was ruthlessly “in love” with the sky

Such a love,for which everything,she could defy

At a point of time;she “felt some pull”
She looked at the earth

It asserted his tendency,he “wanted to rule”

With passioniated eyes,She gazed at the sky

Sky unwillingly “surrendered”


She bounced repeatedly

Bleeding and weeping,on the earth,now she lies


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