The small dog’s obsession

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

The small dog had a special ball

She loved with all her heart,

She groomed it, chased it, cared for it

As though they’d never part.


 But one sad day it disappeared

Into the distant field,

A thorough search through grass and thorn

No trace of it would yield.

She has a lot of tennis balls

So, conscious of her plight,

I’ve thrown each one a hundred times

But none of them are right.


She looks up all expectantly

Then ducks, or lets it fall,

Somehow she knows that what I throw

Is not her special ball.

She just looks lost and awful sad,

And turns away instead.

I’ve tried with balls both old and new

She just retreats to bed.


She will not chase, she will not play,

She will not seek or fetch…

For days she’s looked all sad and hurt

And made me feel…

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Spinach Raviolo With Egg Yolks & Sage Butter

Fabulous Fare Sisters

Spinach Raviolo With Egg Yolks & Sage Butter
If you follow Linda and I, you know I love to make homemade pastas. Making ravioli is a little work, but making one Raviolo  is less… Adding an egg is an easy way to enhance any sauce. If you don’t want to make your own pasta you can always use a large won-ton wrapper.

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Calle 13 -fragmento-

Barcelona / j re crivello// Escritor y Editor / Fundador de Masticadores

Ana Centellas aborda otra historia de Calle 13. ¡Ya has reservado tu número? En Preventa hasta el día 15.n.° 51 en Tienda Kindle > eBooks Kindle > Ciencia ficción, fantasía y terror > Terror     n.° 61 en Libros > Fantasía, terror y ciencia ficción > Terror

Calle 13Ana Centellas

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