Urgent: going to Labour Conference? You MUST register by tomorrow. Here’s how


lab conf signLabour’s left has been fighting hard to make sure that the anti-democratic debacle of Labour’s 2016 Conference in Liverpool is not repeated in 2017, where the party’s hard right has yet more damaging measures lined up for this year’s Conference in Brighton.

Labour members also need the vital McDonnell Amendment to pass, to prevent the parliamentary right from blocking left-wing candidates in future leadership contests.

The stakes are high.

The timescales for selection and registration have been compressed by the General Election campaign, so some CLPs (constituency Labour parties) have only just selected their delegates to Conference – some might still need to do it.

If you are a pro-Corbyn delegate selected by your CLP you have until tomorrow, Friday 7 July, to register – nobody else can do it for you.

The Conference registration page is here – details of what you will need in order to…

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