Be Informed, Not Just Opinionated

Just A Small Town Girl...

As I’ve mentioned in some of my earlier posts, from a young age my dad drummed into my head that it’s better to be a person with opinions than an empty vessel that doesn’t stand for anything.

But as of recently I’ve started to pay attention to the repercussions of ‘being opinionated’. It’s all well and good believing in something but, in my eyes, your opinion becomes invalid if you lack the knowledge to back up what you’re saying. It means nothing unless you’ve assessed all other avenues before objectively choosing the one that’s right to you.

So many of the loudest voices that we hear in society these days come from uniformed minds. People who aggressively follow the majority, just because, or those who spout sensationalist rhetoric for the shock factor, or the ones who blindly inherit their opinions from their parents/mentors. And it’s truly a shame, because the…

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