Frankfort Avenue rescued

Today, I began an illustration of Frankfort Avenue in Louisville. It is an old avenue with wonderful restaurants, coffee venues and people. The perfect place to sit, sketch and relax.

As the illustration progressed, I was pleased to share my sketch with people passing by and with my friend Kathy. It took me all day to believe I had succeeded in what I started, and to put it aside during dinner. I told myself that if I wished, I could bring out the paint to brighten and make it come “more alive”.

I was wrong. I hurried through the process, became aggravated and worked faster. Haste made waste and the sketch was ruined. I had just told Kathy the other day, that my ability to show patience had much improved. Sigh.

Thankfully, I took a photo of this image before I began painting. It was fun to sketch, yet the…

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