Green Tea and Bacon

green_tea (2)
I keep myself in decent shape. For a guy approaching (early) retirement, I can still bench my own weight, keep a decent pace on my Trek, and down a Big Mac in twenty seconds.

But despite regular exercise, a reasonable, but not perfect diet (the Big Mac comment was in jest, although I recently watched the documentary ‘Supersize Me’ and I’ve been craving McDonalds ever since), despite all of this, my health challenges continue.

bacon (2)
I’m predisposed to high cholesterol, regardless of exercise or weight loss. More recently, high blood sugar has entered the race, another looming health risk. While I’ve managed to avoid pharmaceutical solutions so far, my options are dwindling.

No red meat, no pasta, no bread, no potatoes, no rice. And the one time per week I’m allowed chicken or pork, the portion is supposed to be small enough to fit in the palm of my hand. I’m sorry, that’s called a chicken nugget.

What’s left except fish…

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