Long Live The “Crapper”!

In Saner Thought

A Summer’s Saturday and I am dealing with the heat and the humidity by doing what I do best…..sitting in the A/C sipping wine and thinking about my mortality.

As per my tradition I will post something other than the newsy crap that invades my thoughts during the week.

Today a post on my “Oval Office”….the place I go to think and do a satisfying activity…..better known in vulgar circles as the “Crapper”.

Remember years ago some had the bright idea  to save water by converting all toilets to a 3.5 gallon tank from the traditional 5…the original flushed perfectly and the new models took 2 sometimes 3 flushes to clean it out.  Where was the savings in this idea?

Before I go any further…where did the term “Crapper” originate?

Some say it is from the inventor of the flush toilet….John Crapper.

Well sports fans…that was a LIE!

Thomas Crapper

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