Tory council leader insults #Grenfell victims. Wasn’t all she demonised


Tory Group leader on Ipswich council, Nadia Cenci, this week typified the victim-blaming of the survivors of the Grenfell Tower disaster that the Establishment has been ramping up to divert public anger over its clear failings and responsibility for the tragedy and the decisions that led up to it.

Cenci wrote a tweet in which she agreed that Grenfell victims are ungrateful complainers and implied they should just shut up and be grateful they survived:

cenci tweetThis wasn’t the limit of her callousness. As the Ipswich Star observed, she had also tweeted that she had ‘just stopped listening’ to their plight:

cenci tweet 2.pngThe Ipswich Star also reported that Ms Cenci had ‘quit Twitter’ because of the outrage her comments had caused:

cenci star.pngBut she took her time about it. The main tweet above was sent on Thursday evening, but as the handy WaybackMachine archiving service shows, she was tweeting as recently as late…

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