LIFE AND ME~by Shalini Singh



I see myself as unique,
A soul so mystic,
I have questions so intrigue,
An inclination towards life, somewhat oblique,
A wish to see through something which is opaque,
Something dynamique,
I cant deny its presence, its indeed unique,
I feel a part of some masquerade, wearing a masque,
Life watching me perform and my performance becoming a relique,
Life unfailingly being my critique,
What l have learnt, now its the time to speak,
When l am unheard l might shriek,
I am an artist and its no doubt artistique,
I let my words flow, my art is somewhat unique,
The faces and phases of life so ironique,
Something new, unable to replace the antique,
My philosophy becoming too complex to complete,
So fantastic, yet incomplete,
I speak many minds, l guess what they seek,
Life is unique and l love this game of hide and seek,

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