The Enigma Behind a Smile

The Caged Bird Sings

This is my major throw back to that day when I had high fever and was taken to the doctor’s clinic. In addition yo the fever, I had headache and the whole of my body was experiencing excruciating pain. My face became red hot in anger when I saw the mob of people on the clinic. Why does everybody have to fall sick on the same day as me? As it is, I hated doctors and the bitter medicines which they gave, along with a big lecture just ‘su***d’!

As I sat waiting for my turn, an ear-piercing voice just entered me and it was just intolerable! After a few seconds, I could make sense of what was happening. It was a small baby who was brought to the clinic for some vaccine. The thought of a baby crying over a vaccine was absurd to me because even as child…

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