The North Korea Dairy

In Saner Thought

Note:  This is intended as an FYI piece….nothing more……

We are having a helluva time with North Korea….some want it destroyed completely…..while others are not do demanding….but with all that aside what do we know about North Korea?

We know that it is a closed state…a communist state……we know that the people are super poor…..we know that their leadership is bit off (for lack of a better word)…..that it is isolated from the rest of the world….but how true is that statement?

Not very!

It may be called the “hermit kingdom,” but an analysis by the Wall Street Journal shows that North Korea is hardly isolated. In fact, it maintains political and economic ties with 164 nations and has embassies in 47 of them. China is, of course, its biggest trade partner by far, with India second. Pyongyang, however, has relationships of various kinds all over the globe, from supplying…

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