Excl: Lab HQ DID deactivate JC team passes on election night – and more


southside.pngThe ‘Southside’ building on Victoria St, which houses Labour’s HQ

As Private Eye has observed, Labour’s HQ – currently occupied by many who are less than friendly to the idea of the party as a genuine, socialist electoral alternative under Jeremy Corbyn in spite of the vast majority of members’ full support for it – ended up with egg on their faces on the night of 8 June:

priv eye.jpgHaving fallen for their own propaganda of ‘electoral meltdown’ – being far too removed from the grassroots members, any one of whom would have told them differently – the hapless right-wingers apparently prepared what was effectively a would-be coup, ‘changing the locks’ (or rather, deactivating the entry cards) to prevent Jeremy Corbyn’s team from accessing the building.

The sheer arrogance of this is as staggering as the extent to which the party’s bureaucracy (and its right-wing MPs) are out of touch. Even…

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