Poet in Residence

Tallis Steelyard


There are two main schools of thought about debt and debtors’ prisons. The first holds, not unreasonably, that if a chap is locked up in prison, how on earth can he earn the money he needs to pay you back?

The other school is equally reasonable. If when he was at liberty he made no attempt to pay you back but instead lived a life of obvious excess, then perhaps locking him somewhere unpleasant might encourage him to liquidate some of his capital.

As a poet and perpetually indigent I keep my own council lest I be accused of special pleading.

Still I was shocked when I was approached by a shifty looking gentleman as I walked along Ropewalk. He asked if I were Tallis Steelyard. On my replying, “Yes,” I was grabbed from behind by two unpleasantly muscular bailiffs and was frogmarched to the Houses of Licentiousness where I…

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Erotic Thrills.~by Dr, S. P. Nanda “Aas”


💋Erotic Thrills.💗

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Love became a sensuous play
Life dancing on sensual stage
Passions enjoying the erotic thrills
Dreams flowing in lustful ways
Love giving fleshy festive winks
Body mind relisihing the bodily drinks
How lascivious carnal majical links
Intoxicating pleasing oh wild rings.

DrS.P.Nanda :Aas’ 13-07-2017

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Miles to go…

Le Mobile Feast

I’ve reached Indiana, the 35th state, which gives occasion to reflect on what lay behind on the road that is approaching its end. Not sure if I can see the finish line quite yet, but I’m coasting downhill toward the West Coast. I’m also not sure how the story of Le Mobile Feast will take shape once I sit down to write it.

To summarize, the country continues to stun me with its landscapes and kind people. It also has driven me to frustrated tears with the amount of discord and animosity that I’ve seen and heard. The land has always changed, shaped and reshaped by those who dwell on it, but those changes have occurred over time. We often cannot perceive them. In that way, the land has also remained the same, seemingly undisturbed by its occupiers bent, sometimes, on destroying its beauty and grandeur. But I can no…

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“No Reason To Fear Transitions”: Reflections From Lemuria

SoulFullHeart Experience

By Jelelle Awen

Palm Beach Island Ocean Wallpaper 4k

Today, I am digesting a touching experience of reunion with Rae-Na, a Metasoul aspect/sister of mine from Lemuria or Mu. Mother Land. This is how it feels to be there with her, as if I am coming home to Divine Mother as represented in a physical place and instantly embraced in Her natural womb. It feels like the most amazing tropical vacation paradise that we have tried to recreate here in our timeline. It is not about the fancy condos and expensive homes near the beach but rather about the energy of paradise that we are longing to experience again, which may be connected to our Lemurian lifetimes and wanting to go ‘back’.
Rae-Na IS here in the now….not a past life yet, rather, living in the Lemurian timeline that is not ‘ancient past’ but also in the now. This is hard for the mind to…

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Can you measure my love ?~by Bijoy Bhakat


Can you measure my love ?

Can you measure my love ?
Can you measure my passion?
Can you measure my feelings?
My cry , my tears and sensation ?

Can you measure my plight
Can you measure my sorrow?
Can you measure my desires?
Yesterday today and tomorrow?

No, no , never..
you can never measure
you can never ever..
measure anything
in terms of money
in terms of coin..
in terms of pound
in terms of cent..

just like you never measure
the causes and and reasons
weather and seasons
just like you never count
the waves in the sea
the stars in the sky..
what ,whether, or
what ,when , why?..

Like you never count –
the flowers in the garden
the trees in the forest
the sea-shells on the shore
the straws in the nest..

Bijoy Bhakat@

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I held them close to my heart

The Chaotic Poetess

Rekindling the moments of sheer happiness

the tender hands that extend to my cheeks

holding me tight even if their hands never reach me completely

the love they shower on me

the soft kisses planted on my cheeks

the tiny little eyes that blossom with love

every moment they are held in my arms

invokes my motherly emotions

I held them close to my heart

with thousands of blissful moments, i shared with them

from the time they arrived  into my life

making every moment count as a blessing

I realized why being a mom is enough for a lifetime blessing.

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Towering Mixed Media Portraits


'Sunset (Good Morning Beautiful, I Waited All Night Long)' Oil, oil pastel, spray, and hand-dyed and hand stitched linen on Canvas, 245 x 215 cm‘Sunset (Good Morning Beautiful, I Waited All Night Long)’ Oil, oil pastel, spray, and hand-dyed and hand stitched linen on Canvas, 245 x 215 cm

Canadian-born artist Andrew Salgado presents a new body of work composed of towering portraits

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