Delusion — Thank Gaia

@atma anna christ Sun was setting slowly midsummer hearts breaking for nothing or for all there is. Finding excuses not to be vulnerable making head stoke senarios about interest and profit while the pain infested heart had no way to cry out for love this is the place and this is the face Work some […]

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Dilma vence na Justiça e Istoé terá que publicar direito de resposta da ex-presidenta — Luíz Müller Blog

A publicação terá que publicar uma resposta de Dilma Rousseff com o mesmo espaço e destaque ao da matéria de julho de 2016 que associava a ex-presidenta a práticas ilegais mas que, na verdade eram legais. Juíza classificou a revista como “machista”, “tendenciosa” e praticante do “mau jornalismo” Da Revista Fórum A Editora Três, responsável […]

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Pines, Beetles

Thanks to Thomas McNamee for his opinion on these matters: The Government Is Now the Yellowstone Grizzly’s Biggest Threat In March 2016, the United States Fish and Wildlife Service proposed removing the Yellowstone grizzly bear population from the list of threatened species. The uproar was ferocious. Conservationists, scientists, 125 Indian tribes and some 650,000 citizens […]

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Praise for Gervais

praise gervais

For those not familiar with him, Ricky Gervais is a brilliant British actor, director and writer, best known for portraying David Brent in his original BBC series ‘The Office’.  A past host of the Golden Globes, the often controversial comedian is known for raising the ire of Hollywood A-listers with his blunt zingers and one-liners.  I first noticed him as the museum director Dr. McPhee in ‘A Night at the Museum’ with Ben Stiller, and later stumbled upon him in ‘The Office’ on Netflix.  I quickly became a fan and adored all his subsequent projects, including; ‘Derek’, ‘An Idiot Abroad’ and ‘Life’s too Short’, all hilarious and poignant.  As I write this, Gervais’ new movie ‘Special Correspondents’ is currently playing on Netflix, and his feature film ‘David Brent – Life on the Road’ will be released in theaters this coming August.

But enough about the artist, I…

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K Morris - Poet

You left your umbrella behind
For me to find.
There were no ties
To bind,
Just passing sighs
And me for a moment seeing
A human being.

I never saw you again
But when
Recollection stirs
Of brief affairs,
I see in my mind
Ducks on a girl’s umbrella
Long since left behind
For a man to find.

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