Intolerância à Lactose — o dia da liberdade

Faz 9 anos que o meu marido começou a ficar intolerante à lactose, ao ponto de considerar um gelado como inimigo público número 1. Quase de repente, deixou de poder tocar em tudo o que tivesse leite de vaca. Na altura, o acesso a bebidas de outras origens e outros substitutos não se encontravam facilmente. Lembro-me […]

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Apres le deluge, moi — Tootlepedal’s Blog

Today’s guest picture shows that Bruce was not just looking at trams on the Great Orme. He was looking at the view of Llandudno too. After yesterday’s miserable day, we had a very pleasant, warm and often sunny day today. I didn’t make the most of it but I didn’t entirely waste it. The better weather […]

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Roger Federer stands tallest of all as Wimbledon’s history man | Sean Ingle — The Guardian

With a record eighth title at All England Club and a 19th grand slam success, achieved without losing a set, the 35-year-old remains a class apartRoger Federer cemented his reputation as the greatest player to grace his sport by lifting a record eighth Wimbledon title with a one-sided victory over Marin Cilic, whose thin hopes…

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Inspired HAIKU

Mick E Talbot Poems


coastal erosion
galaxies colliding
nature making waves
summer enchanting
plants photosynthesizing
swallows leave their nests
fields verdant hues… green
seas transparent blues… waves capped white
dolphins breach… surfing
flying fish… gliding
flying… gliding… truth… escaping death
butterflies… gliding
truly a sight worth seeing
magic in the sky
rain falling
seas evaporating
rivers returning
why the need to count
equality… sharing out
how soon we forgot
evil… humans
other life described that way…
no… and don’t blame Eve
life… precious to all
fauna and the flora
no exceptions

Inspired by seasonsapoeticjourney

© Mick E Talbot 2017/66

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Crazy on the Home Front – Sonni Quick in High Gear

My Name is Jamie. My Life in Prison

Sonni Quick

Ever try spinning seven plates at one time without letting any of them smash into tiny pieces on the floor?  That is my life today.  The fact that things are moving fast is a good thing, but it also means working from the time I wake until the very latest wee hours of the morning (sun-up). Two blogs, three fb pages or groups, other social media and connections, studying, writing – my work and editing others, and my The ITFO Newsletter which I am late getting out this month. Did I say seven plates?

Because I haven’t been able to post as often as I’d like because of this I thought it would be a good idea to tell you what is up.

The rewrite of the book, “Inside the Forbidden Outside”  I started two years ago is in full swing.  When it comes to learning a craft, you can…

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O encontro bem-aventurado da Pachamama com Gaia

Leonardo Boff

          Quero apresentar as idéias, com as quais comungo, de um livro que sairá brevemente traduzido no Brasil: A Pachamama e o ser humano (Ediciones Colihue 2012) de Eugenio Raúl Zaffaroni bem conhecido no Brasil nos meios jurídicos. É um reconhecido magistrado argentino, ministro da Suprema Corte de 2003 a 2014 e professor emérito da Universidade de Buenos Aires.

O presente livro, a meu ver, se inscreve entre as melhores contribuições de ordem ecológica e filosófica  que se tem escrito ultimamente. Ele se situa na esteira da encíclica do Papa Francisco, também argentino, Laudato Si, sobre o cuidado da Casa Comum (2015). Zaffaroni aborda a questão da ecologia, em especial da violência social e particularmente contra os animais com uma informação admirável de ordem científica e filosófica.

O mais importante do livro é a crítica ao paradigma dominante, surgido com os pais fundadores da modernidade do século XVI e XVII…

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