mlmm fine dining; kitchen tricks: opiate of the people

Lorraine's frilly freudian slip

“You know what the TRUE opiate of the people is?” he asks, waving my wooden spoon as sauce splats against my kitchen wall.

As usual, I perch on a stool, elbows on the counter, taking in the show.

Another sip of perfectly chilled $50 plus a bottle sauvignon blanc he brings, and wait. His questions are always rhetorical, not requiring more than a mere nod of my head.

“Bacon!” as another splat of sauce drips down the wall. “Bacon half-pound fat burgers on donut buns; chocolate-coated, batter dipped, deep fried bacon; bacon wrapped bacon . . .”

I reach for the wooden spoon before ALL of the sauce hits the ceiling.

“Yes, dear,” I murmur. Stroking his hand and his ego. He turns his wonderous handsomeness back to the stove and his special sauce. I love the way his 10 out of 10 ass moves as he cooks.

He looks…

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