Stephen Dobyns: Stars

Vox Populi

The man took the wrong fork in the road.

It was out in the country. They saw

no signs. It was getting dark. They began

to blame each other. Should they keep

going straight or should they turn around?

They drove past farms without lights.

The man said, If we reach a crossroad,

we can just turn right. His wife said,

I think you should turn around. The man

was driving. They kept going straight.

There’s got to be a road up here someplace,

he said. His wife didn’t answer. By now

it was pitch black. In their lights, the trees,

pressing close to the road, looked like people

wanting to speak, but thinking better of it.

The farther they drove, the farther they got

from one another, until it seemed they sat

in two separate cars. Who’s this person

next to me? This thought came to them both.


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