I start as a drop, flow as a trickle,

Develop into a stream and gushes a fall.

Dancing down as a Brook, growing like a lake.

I keep flowing and flowing, becoming as a river.

I sometimes flood, I sometimes dry,

Causing people who depend on me and my misery.

I sometines quench the throats of the thirsty;

Invigorating lands which produce plenty!

Men and women, old and young,

All creatures dirty and clean,

Bathe in my bosom-

To enjoy my ever nourishing milk.

I am called Amazon in Brazil.

I am called the long Nile of Egypt.

I become the Sacred Ganges of India;

Raved and worshiped by one and all.

I flow to join the ever big ocean,

Which is always my final Destination,

Which is always my resting place;

Where I have no limits,

No barriers,

No boundaries and no end!! …

663704476c04574aa83405319512a75dThe Unpredictable   

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