Dogs and Mockingbirds



This Past Friday

The farmhouse on the rabbit patch is old . . almost a century old.  It was built at a time, when real wood was used and put together with nails made of real iron.  I know every inch of it personally, by now.  This week I have reunited with every nook and cranny.  The only things left in this house are things we need or love.  To say, I have “cleaned my act up” is an understatement.  My bones will attest to that.

Today, I am cleaning out two more barns. There are nine of them.  These barns are not little garden sheds and   I am quickly losing my affection for them.  The flowers and verses I have painted on them, no longer tug at my heart.  The painted wreaths on the doors do not cheer me.  I am too tired and dirty to find them…

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