ELEGANCE OF ROMANCE~by Jyotirmaya Thakur



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The first sight of love when I skipped a heartbeat,
Remember when we met in the summer night’s meet,
Standing sadly alone till you smiled and glanced,
As you came close beside me to share my stance.

When we held hands and walked on the beach,
When we touched and hugged our dreams within reach,
Remember when we endlessly wanted to talk,
In the woods we would gaze at each other in long walks.

In warm sunshine days sitting under the bower,
And on winter afternoons amidst garden of flowers,
Remember the promises we made together in candle light,
Having picnic dinner in midsummer moonlight.

Our hearts rejoiced in caring for each other,
Remember the beautiful journeys we started together,
When the world was bright in our tight embrace,
We loved each moment sharing smiles on our face.

When you look with deep longing in my eyes,

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