Here, there and everywhere #Bristol #familyhistory


I have a long-standing love affair with Bristol. When I think about it, the Wills Memorial Building, which takes pride of place at the top of Park Street, is the recurring motif. When I first  saw it, for my interview, to be granted a place in the Law Faculty – sometime in November 1974 – on a grey and chilly day, I was intimidated by its grandeur.

But a place I obtained and, from that moment, the events of this week had a sort of inexorable feel about them. But first a trip down memory lane to a more sepia-tinged age.

What would you say these four people are thinking?  Pride, certainly, from those on the far left and right. Anxiety of a parental faux pas from the begowned one in the middle and boredom from the other middle-man. The building behind is obviously grand if a bit stained and…

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